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Available Courses

keyboard, jazz piano,Rock guitar,electric guitar,bass guitar, rhythm guitar and classical guitar.


Violin first second viola cello.

Vocal classes not only include Singing for Pleasure- the voice is trained and disciplined.

New to the Academy:


Congo,snare,kettle ,bass,xylophone.


Serious students can learn for qualifications in piano,guitar, flute,violin,drums and Singing.

A focus on Fundamentals

The basics, fundamentals and rudiments of Music at all stages is taught.

Experienced faculty

Your education in music will be especially tailored to you.

Monitor Your Progress

Regular reports with assignments to monitor your progress with your own personal dairy.

A Focus on Fundamentals

The basic fundamentals, rudiments of music will be taught in the form of notation and theory.

Available Amenities

All instruments available to play and one to one classes

Skype Classes

Skype classes are available for international students.
Skype classes on a package at 5 classes at a time for $50.
Basics on the instruments , vocal and notations.
Payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer.